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Do you and James ever take trips to the hairdressers together?

Good one! Love it.

Seriously though… have you seen him? James’ hair breaks scissors. And I think he still lets his mum cut it.

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They’ll have to:

  1. Rate on a scale of 1-10 how much they don’t want to answer that question.
  2. Answer that question.
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Would you ever go back to your family?

Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer: If they ever decided that Voldemort sucked balls and that they wanted to be decent human beings from that moment on, I might think about it.


But since that’s never going to happen: no.

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xAnswered Questions


I’m doing what we are supposed to do, and oftentimes cursing you guys silently in addition, that’s what I do. And giving you the mentioned “I told you so” stares. 

And I would like to say that I think my thoughts work best when I’m not busy writing lines, but can snuggle into a comfortable chair around the fireplace and discuss the plans with you?

Prongs’ hair has a life of its own, mine is just an annoying mess. You’re the one who can be proud of this … this … you know, shiny, silky … hair.


Moony thinks … I doubt that Moony thinks that, and Moony doesn’t sleep in my bed, and you know …?

Come on, it’s not as if you’re always right about everything and know that it won’t work beforehand. There were times when you ran smack into trouble right with us without any foresight on your part.

Well, I won’t deny that it’s definitely more comfortable around the fireplace.

Yeah, his is an annoying mess, yours is an annoying mess, where’s the difference? Uuh, yeah, shiny, silky, don’t make me sound like a girl.

Yes, sure, but I wasn’t talking about your bed exclusively. And I do think Moony thinks.

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xConversation: Remus 3


"Persistence is key. You don’t get anything without working hard. Except when you’re as brilliant as me." If anyone was persistent, it was James, who tried so hard to get Lily to fancy him. Too hard, evidently. "Maybe if you didn’t smell like wet dog all the time, it’d work out."

He frowned immediately. Though the common room background noises were quite loud - chatting, arguing, the crack of Exploding Snap - it didn’t bother the two of them. Everybody had their own business. “That was a bit of a downer there. Don’t bother beating about the bush.” He grimaced, hating to think about it. The possibility of a war was all very well, but actually thinking about it made him sick to his stomach. As for dying? James didn’t want to die. There were too many things he still wanted to do. “We’re definitely going to make it to 21 at least. We’re the best for getting out of trouble. Think of all the detentions we’ve got out of.” There was all the detentions they hadn’t got out of as well…

It was a problem heard so many times that should have deserved an eye roll. However, James might have been exasperated, but he took it very seriously. “I’m always hoping he’ll meet someone that’ll change that? A soul mate or something - don’t laugh. I hoped we might be able to convince him, but we’ve been the Marauders since first year and he still believes he’s a terrible person.”

Sirius huffed softly, but the weak twitching of the corners of his mouth made the reply more mild. James really was persietent, he had to give him that. More than Sirius anyway, who sometimes just lost interest too quickly. Except when it was something really, really important to him, then he could be a stubborn bastard.

"Yeah, and the wet dog joke got old about three years ago. One should think you’re inventive enough to come up with something new every once in a while," he returned, pointedly raising his eyebrow at James.

He shrugged and glanced back at the ball his fingers were turning around in his hand. Yes, that probably had been a bit of a downer, but Sirius wasn’t exactly in a cheery mood. “You actually could have made a good point if you hadn’t brought the detentions into this. Let’s just forget that and say we are good at getting getting… well… in trouble, but out of it again too.”

Sirius listened quietly to what James had to say about Remus, about him meeting his soul mate or something like that. And inevitably his thoughts stayed to that night of the party again, to that kiss Remus couldn’t remember but he could, and even though he immediately scoffed inwardly at the mere concept of soul mates, he couldn’t help thinking about what it would be like if Remus actually found someone… else.

He sighed slowly, a bit exasperated about himself, and threw the ball up into the air to catch it again. “Yeah. And that’s just driving me crazy. If I already hear all this about how he’s talking himself down, it makes me angry.”

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xIdle minds

Sirius and Regulus Black

Kreacher’s Tale

“And he ordered — Kreacher to leave — without him. And he told Kreacher — to go home — and never to tell my Mistress — what he had done — but to destroy — the first locket. And he drank — all the potion — and Kreacher swapped the lockets — and watched… as Master Regulus… was dragged beneath the water… and…


Sirius and Regulus Black

Kreacher’s Tale

“And he ordered — Kreacher to leave — without him. And he told Kreacher — to go home — and never to tell my Mistress — what he had done — but to destroy — the first locket. And he drank — all the potion — and Kreacher swapped the lockets — and watched… as Master Regulus… was dragged beneath the water… and…

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Date: Monday, October 18th, 1976
Time: 07:05 pm

It hadn’t only been his idea. Well, mostly. So it was probably justified that he was serving detention for it, but that was beside the point. After the attacks that had happened, the whole school was on edge, and he saw way too many apprehensive faces going around the halls. There were quite a few things Sirius hated, and something like this definitely ranked somewhere up there. So he hadn’t just wanted to distract everyone else from their troubles about the attacks for which the culprit was still undiscovered (which, Sirius thought, was the most ridiculous thing, because they could find him if they only really wanted to). There was also James, still, with his worries about his father. And then there was Remus. Remus who he hadn’t talked to properly in way too long, despite sharing a dorm, and classes, and meals. Sirius simply didn’t know what to say, and maybe he was too stubborn too. And the memory of what had happened at that party didn’t really help either.

But to take his and everyone else’s mind off for at least a few moments, he had pranked their poor DADA teacher who was still too new and helpless in the face of their pranks, despite the welcoming prank they had ritually given the new teacher every year. It had become somewhat of a contest between him and James, each of them trying to come up with better pranks each year.

But this one had been just on him with a bit of help from Peter, and it had been pretty satisfying, the class descending into chaos without the poor teacher even realising what had exactly had happened. It had been glorious, and Sirius had caught even Remus laughing tentatively but helplessly. So when McGonagall had burst into the room and her stare had landed on him, Sirius hadn’t even tried to get out of this one.

What he hadn’t expected was to enter the detention room (a few minutes too late) and find not just McGonagall already waiting impatiently, but also his little brother sitting by one of the tables.

Sirius’ heart gave an unexpected little jolt then. They hadn’t talked since… then, even though he had once or twice tried to approach Regulus, because he was still his little brother, and he still felt bad about everything that had happened, that he hadn’t thought of taking him along. But it took only about three seconds to catch himself.

"Well, I am very surprised to see you here.”

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Lily snorted, but plunked down next to Black on the couch.


"Alright, Black, if you must know it’s because we have a History of Magic test tomorrow and I’m quite positive I’m going to fail. Happy?"

As she sat down more or less gracefully, Sirius pulled one foot up under him and turned towards her, leaning his arm on the backrest to prop his head up.

"We have a History of Magic test? But why would you fail? You have notes all over the whole thing."

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xConversation: Lily 1 xoh my god how did I forget the gif here xI'm sorry!
blackstarsirius said:
Goodbye (for maximum feels)


  • Goodbye: My character has to say a painful goodbye to your character.

It was their first ever proper mission - of course James and Sirius would do it together. They’d done almost everything together ever since they first met, bar kissing people because that would be really strange.

They were waiting for the signal from Moody, who James very much admired and feared, though he would never admit it to anyone. It was so close to the Death Eaters’ hide out that neither of them talked; just crouched next to each other, with their elbows touching and their wands out. It was like scouting out for a prank. But there was a lot at stake.

James eyes constantly danced around. Up until Moody had parted with them, he’d drilled in constant vigilance and now it was engraved in his head. The broad Scottish accent, like sand paper, made him want to laugh as he continuously heard it.

"James, there it is." 

Moody’s glowing Patronus had appeared beside them, but after James looked at it, it dissipated.

Their eyes met and James found courage in the stormy grey.

"Just jump up and run."

There was no time for more words, or a snatched embrace. Just that look before they run like mad men. Which is what they were.

"See you later," Sirius said as they bounded in opposite directions round the side of the building.

"Yeah, bye," James said over his back, but he didn’t think Sirius heard. He immediately regretted his choice of words, fear pumping in his heart at the finality of them, like he had placed a curse on him.

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When Remus opened his eyes again, it was still in the middle of the night, confirmed by a brief glance towards his bedside table, the small clock on his nightstand showing something just after two o’clock. And yet he still heard sounds coming from the living room, the muffled sound of the muggle TV that Sirius had bought, and even the soft sound of footsteps on wooden floor.

With a soft sigh, he shoved his blanket aside and slipped out of the cosy warmth of his sheets, his feet touching touching the cold floor causing him to shiver briefly. He reached for his robe and he was just about to tie the band around his waist as he pushed the bedroom door open and his gaze fell upon Sirius, just now slumping back onto the couch with what seemed to be a glass of firewhiskey in his hand.

Remus sighed internally, seeing this picture not for the first time since they had left Hogwarts a couple of months ago.
“Don’t you want to go to bed?” he asked softly, just loud enough to be heard over the sound of the TV, the flickering pictures the only source of light in the room.
Sirius looked up, his expression somewhat unreadable, and yet Remus just knew what it was that caused him to act like that. the war was wearing on all of them, was slowly crawling into their brains and wearing them out, haunting their sleep. More than once had Remus woken in cold sweat from a nightmare, but Sirius wasn’t the one to talk about these things. He wasn’t the one to admit that he too was scared. And Remus would never force him to admit any of that.

“Not tired yet,” came the short reply, after Sirius had taken a sip of whiskey, his voice sounding like this wasn’t his first one for this night, and that at least one package of fags had been lit since Remus had gone to sleep earlier that night.
“Okay,” Remus nodded slowly and asked, “Do you want to be alone?”
Sirius’ gaze was all he needed, just one look into those eyes, to know that, despite whatever Sirius would say, he didn’t want to be left alone. Didn’t want to stand the silence, which was probably why the TV was still running.
The other boy shrugged, pretending that all of this wouldn’t really matter. “Don’t  care.”

Remus didn’t ask further. He just came closer and sat down next to Sirius on the sofa, drawing up his legs to curl them together under his body. “Do you want to watch TV instead?” he asked, nodding towards the screen, but he already knew that the answer he would be getting would be just as indifferent. Sirius wasn’t one to talk when he felt bad. He wouldn’t cry, not as long as he could help to not do so. And for Remus, that was fine. He just wanted to tell him that he was there for him, wanted to let him know that, in any situation, he would be there. Always.

And while a brief silence seemed to settle down upon them again, Remus just reached out and plucked the glass from Sirius’ hand, to take a sip of whiskey himself.
“That movie looks horrible,” he muttered after swallowing down the gulp he had just taken, earning him another shrug from Sirius. Remus glanced at him and just wanted to do anything to make him feel better, and just like that, he downed the rest of the content of the glass, pushed it onto the living room table and then reached out to take Sirius’ face into his hands.
“I’m here for you, you know?” he whispered, and if there had been any other words on either of their tongues then Remus suffocated them by melting their lips together, the tastes of toothpaste, whiskey and nicotine mingling, but he didn’t care nor mind. He just wanted to remind Sirius that he was, that no matter what would happen in this war, that he would always have Remus to count on. Even when he would one day finally decide to let his fears show. And that he would always love him.

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